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Fire Festival

In 2012, I created Pyrotopia, Pittsburgh’s first Festival of Fire Arts, featuring installations, performers, artisans, chefs and children’s activities, all incorporating or related to fire. We expected 1000 people – 4000 came. Pyrotopia 2014 was on May 11th and featured 20 performers, 10 installations and a host of other amazing fire, light and electrical spectacles. We're planning on making Pyrotopia annual, so look for the return in 2015.

Musical Robots

In 2000, I founded LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots, a group of artists and technologists who create robotic musical instruments. We perform and present installations around the world and have worked with artists such as They Might Be Giants, Pat Metheny, JG Thirlwell, Morton Subotnick, Ikue Mori, George Lewis, Todd Reynolds, Ben Neill and others.


I create interactive technology for artists and companies. I’m currently working on software and robotics for a well known entertainment company.

In 2011, I presented a solo retrospective of my installations, including electronic and robotic instruments and sound art, at SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh.


In 2009, LEMUR created the Orchestrion, a collection of over 40 robotic musical instruments for Pat Metheny (with additional instruments contributed by Ragtime West, Peterson and others). Pat toured the world with the Orchestrion throughout 2010.

Robotic Orchestra

I make unusual electronic musical instruments, such as the Sonic Banana, the Slink-o-Tron, the Slime-o-Tron and Chime-o-Tron. More video on my Vimeo page.

Electronic Musical Instruments

Electronics for Artists

I create and market electronic interfaces for using sensors and robotics in interactive computer music and art.

NIME Conference

I Co-Chaired the 2007 New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference in New York City. NIME is a gathering of inventors, performers and other artists who create and use new electronic musical instruments.

I build interactive fire games and sculptures like Flaming Simon and Pyrostomp.

Fire Art


I perform Comedy Improv (the “long form” type). I’m currently producing “Drop The Soap!”, an improvised soap opera, at the Steel City Improv Theater and elsewhere. We’re funny…come see us.

Burning Man New York

In 1998, I founded the New York City region of Burning Man. There were six of us at the first meet-up. 10,000 or so now.

Guerilla Art

In 1997, I co-founded the Brooklyn art combine The Madagascar Institute, a large assortment of misfits, geeks, extroverts, machine freaks, robot lovers and pyromaniacs who create street performances, epic theme parties, machine art, dangerous carnival rides and pyrotechnic spectacles.


I play tenor, alto, baritone and soprano saxophones. Most recently, I played in many ska bands (The Allstonians, The Slackers, Metro Stylee and others).
* Audio: “B-Train to Allston” (Eric Singer) – The Allstonians •


I’ve been an Adjunct Professor at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (2002-2003) and the CMU College of Fine Art (2011-2012), where I taught undergrad and grad courses in interactive electronic and computer art.


I create much of my interactive music and art software in a programming environment called Max. If you’re looking for Max objects I’ve released, they are archived here

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I collect college degrees.

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